Satus Roadmap

Game Development

Krystilize - 20/12/2019

As a whole, our journey with satus has been a long one and has had many hardships and difficulties with organisation, developers, and code semantics (goto is scary). Yet that doesnt mean that it hasnt been fun, interactive and a memerable experience.

We have plenty of content on the way with an alpha release hopefully coming out before the end of 2020. We are well on track to meeting our goals and giving our community a game to remember.

Sprite Showcase

Sprites Created by our Wonderful Team

Animals are imperitive to your survival!

Alternatively, your problems can be stabbed to death.

Our Teams

Development Team

Develops satus through code and implementations

Our development department is focused on trying to enable every single potayto computer to be able to run satus. Managed by Elaxizar

Graphics Team

Develops satus through models and sprites

Our graphics team has the hard job of both creating beautiful graphics, and ensuring they can be animated and are accurate to medieval standards. Managed by DrakeWolf.

Sound Team

Develops satus through sound and music

The sound team has the special job of producing the game's score and sound effects while sticking with the medieval genre. Managed by Krystilize.

Social & Support Team

Supports the development teams and fan-base

Arguably, our support team has the hardest job, helping out our developers and ensuring our community is wholesome and enjoyable. Managed by Wendu