Satus Roadmap

Game Development

Krystilize - 20/12/2019

Satus has already been a long journey for us, already giving us many difficulties with organization, developers, and coding (goto is scary). Yet that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been fun, interactive and a memorable experience.

We have plenty of content on the way with an alpha release planned for the 3rd quarter 2020. We are well on track to meeting our goals and giving our community a game to remember.

Sprite Showcase

Sprites Created by our Wonderful Team

Animals are imperitive to your survival!

Alternatively, your problems can be stabbed to death.

Our Teams

Development Team

Coding and Implementation

Our development department is focused on creating a game engine foundation for Satus that runs on every computer (even the potatoes). Managed by Elaxizar

Graphics Team

Models and Sprites

Our graphics team is dedicated to creating beautiful graphics, ensuring they can be animated and are accurate to medieval standards. Managed by DrakeWolf.

Sound Team

Sound and Music

The sound team has the special job of producing the game's score and sound effects within the medieval genre. Managed by Krystilize.

Social & Support Team

Supports the development teams and fan-base

Arguably, our support team has the hardest job, aiding our developers and ensuring our community is wholesome and enjoyable. Managed by Wendu


Without you, this project would never have gotten this far. Satus is a community driven project. Our game ideas come from you, and everything the game is relies on your feedback. You make this team work!

Re3 (Recubed) Studios is home to the indie game Satus

Satus (Latin for beginning/sowing) is a sandboxed settlement management sim that's heavily influenced by three games; Timber and Stone, Rimworld and Minecraft.

The primary focus of Satus is survival and expansion, while gameplay strives to make resources easy to manage, building fun and intuitive, and exploration meaningful.